Foreign contaminant detection systems for food products are used in various stages of the production line. We have a comprehensive line of X-ray sources and generators to screen a wide array of contaminants such as bone fragments, metals, glasses, and plastics.

You need a solution that is...

Efficient Cooling


Food X-ray inspection systems run for long hours, often generating significant amount of heat from the X-ray tube. The X-ray source must be configured with efficient integrated cooling to maintain the reliability of the source.


Radiation Shielded


Localized radiation shielding in the X-ray source eliminates the need for extra shielding in the system, reducing costs for OEMs and protecting the system against electronic component failure caused by radiation.


Low Density Material Detection


Beryllium window X-ray sources are able to detect low density objects such as decalcified bones with the soft X-ray spectrum.


Compact & Lightweight


The X-ray source and generator need to be compact and lightweight for compact system design and easy installation & maintenance.


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