Baggage and

Parcel Inspection

X-ray baggage inspection systems are widely used for security in airports and critical infrastructures. We have a comprehensive line of X-ray sources and generators for single-energy, dual-energy, and CT imaging systems used in baggage inspection. 

You need a solution that is...

Compact & Lightweight


The X-ray source needs to be compact and lightweight for compact system design and easy installation & maintenance. 


Radiation Shielded 


Localized radiation shielding in the X-ray source eliminates the need for extra shielding in the system, reducing costs for OEMs and protecting the system against electronic component failure caused by radiation. 


Customized for Rotational CT


Weight balancing and small form factor are critical for rotating gantry design. X-ray source must be compact, lightweight, and designed to withstand the applied G-force.  




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