People Screening Solutions: Ensuring Safety and Security with VJ X-Ray 


Welcome to VJ X-Ray, the industry leader in cutting-edge people screening solutions. We specialize in providing high voltage generators and x-ray sources to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, empowering them to implement robust security measures for people screening applications. 



Our People Screening Systems:

  • Advanced Imaging Technology
  • Non-Intrusive and Efficient
  • Rapid Scanning and Throughput
  • Customizable Configurations

By choosing VJ X-Ray as your partner for people screening solutions, you gain access to:

  • • Cutting-edge x-ray imaging technology for accurate threat detection
  • • Non-intrusive and efficient screening processes
  • • Targeted threat detection algorithms to minimize false alarms
  • • Rapid scanning capabilities for high throughput environments
  • • Customizable configurations to suit various venues and scenarios
  • • Compliance with safety and privacy regulations


Searching for an X-ray source, high voltage generator solution or need RMA support? Contact our sales & service team.

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