Sorting and Recycling Solutions: Driving Sustainable Practices with VJ X-Ray


Welcome to VJ X-Ray, the trusted provider of sorting and recycling solutions that enable efficient and sustainable waste management practices. With our advanced technology and expertise in high voltage generators and x-ray sources, we offer innovative solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and recycling facilities, revolutionizing the way waste is sorted and processed.

Our Sorting and Recycling Solutions:

  • Advanced Material Identification
  • High-Speed Sorting
  • Customizable Configurations
  • Compliance and Safety

Partner with VJ X-Ray for Sorting and Recycling:

  • • Advanced material identification technology for accurate sorting
  • • High-speed sorting capabilities for efficient processing
  • • Intelligent algorithms for reliable and precise material separation
  • • Customizable configurations to suit your facility's requirements
  • • Support for sustainability and resource recovery practices
  • • Compliance with industry regulations and safety standards


Searching for an X-ray source, high voltage generator solution or need RMA support? Contact our sales & service team.

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