Portable Security Inspection

Portable X-ray systems have a wide range of security applications including border control, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), high security buildings, mass transit locations, and large events. We design portable X-ray sources to meet the needs of security agencies. 

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Baggage and Parcel Inspection

Baggage Scanners are used to detect items that may be concealed in a parcel or traveler's baggage. X-ray penetrates the bag and create an image of items inside. We offer comprehensive IXS products that meets the needs for wide range of security scanning applications. 

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People Screening

X-ray body scanners are widely used in prisons and correctional facilities to restrict contrabands and weapons. We support OEMs with X-ray sources for this low-dose absorption application. 

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Cargo Inspection

High-penetration cargo X-ray inspection systems are used by airports, customs, and border control authorities to detect threats in break bulk and palletized cargo shipments. We support system integrators with X-ray sources and subsystems for multi-view and CT imaging systems. 

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Vehicle Inspection 

Drive through scanners inspect vehicles for threats and contrabands to ensure border security. We support system integrators with X-ray sources and subsystems for single or multi-view imaging systems. 

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Mobile Backscatter Inspection

Mobile screening systems are flexible solutions for threat detection because the X-ray source and detector are on the same side of the object. We support system integrators with X-ray sources and subsystems for backscatter applications.

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