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Beryllium Window Integrated X-ray source with X-ray tube, high voltage inverter, and filament supply.

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Max kV Output


Max Power Output


Focal Spot Size

1.0 mm

Beam Angle

Cone 24°

Key Features

  • Stable Performance
  • Compact & Lightweight


  • Details
  • Dimensions
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Common Applications


Our X-Ray sources and generators assist scientists in the quantitative and qualitative analysis of material samples. Offering stable and repeatable output for reliable results.

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Sorting & Recycling

X-ray based sorting systems are used by the mining industry to accurately distinguish and sort materials such as metals, ores, and minerals. We have extensive experience designing X-ray sources and generators for sorting systems that use various analytical X-ray techniques. 

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Thickness Gauging

Thickness gauging systems are used in quality assurance by a wide range of manufacturing facilities. Materials commonly measured include metals, plastics, coatings, textile, and paper. We offer X-ray sources and generators for industrial gauges.

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X-Ray Spectrometry

X-ray spectrometers enable scientific researchers to accurately conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of material samples. We develop X-ray generators for XRF/XRD based laboratory instruments. 

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