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Integrated X-ray source with X-ray tube, high voltage inverter, filament supply, and heat dissipation component.

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Max kV Output


Max Power Output


Focal Spot Size

0.4mm - 0.8mm

Beam Angle

Fan 80º or Cone 25º

Key Features

  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Radiation Shielded


  • Details
  • Dimensions
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Common Applications

Baggage & Parcel Inspection

X-ray baggage inspection systems are widely used for security in airports and critical infrastructures. We have a comprehensive line of X-ray sources and generators for single-energy, dual-energy, and CT imaging systems used in baggage inspection. 

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Food Quality Control

X-ray systems that conduct quality inspection in food production lines can have various functions such as checking liquid fill levels, measuring mass, and detecting abnormalities in seals. We have extensive expertise in developing X-ray sources for food quality control. 

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Foreign Contaminant Detection

Foreign contaminant detection systems for food products are used in various stages of the production line. We have a comprehensive line of X-ray sources and generators to screen a wide array of contaminants such as bone fragments, metals, glasses, and plastics. 

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Industrial NDT

NDT X-ray systems are used in manufacturing and QA processes across a wide range of market sectors such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics. We have experience in developing high performance X-ray sources and generators used in DR and CT systems. 

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People Screening

X-ray body scanners are widely used in prisons and correctional facilities to restrict contrabands and weapons. We support OEMs with X-ray sources for this low-dose absorption application. 

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